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- omar khayyam

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June 9, 2010 12:30 pm

Working on a Sustainable Wedding & Life

One of the hard things in my relationship with my husband to be is our views on sustainablity and saving the earth.

He is huge on recycling , yay! , but when it comes to full blown sustainable life. The ifs and  buts come out.

I have been a part of an orginization that educates students to be the best they can. Changing out light bulbs , composting , recycling , eating organic and local food , doing whatever you can. My future hubby is not quite so save the earth mind set.  He likes to eat organic food , with his mix of pure MSG junk food everynow and than , but the idea of composting kind of freaks him out.

So im working on changing him over tothe green side. Starting with our wedding. I want to use only local and ogranic food. Recycled or homemade paper for our invites , minimize our impact on the earth by having a small home wedding and thats where I am starting.

After that compost life here we come!

:D yay earth.